Video Performance

"Light is one the most important stimuli for influencing human perception, and it can have a direct effect on the psychological well-being of individuals. Correctly used, a space's light can be used to communicate specific moods and trigger emotional responses.

Under the moniker Visuals_Ru, I explore how projections and interactive sculptures can bend and shift experiences in the club setting. 


Over the lockdown, I have been collaborating with Studio Sova to produce regular live streamed events with musicians, DJs and live visuals. Over this period I have had the honour of providing visual stimuli for Jaye Ward, Mixmaster Morris and Silverlining. 


Working on these live streams has been a great creative outlet as I have had the opportunity to hone my kinetic improvised visuals. This involves using multiple light sources and props to refract light and create silhouettes.

This form of shadow theatre is inspired by techniques developed by 60s Psychedelic Light Show groups who used overhead projectors, liquids and props to create live visuals in times with music. 



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