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I am a multimedia artist working with video, sound, sculpture, light, and performance. I seek to create immersive and interactive experiences by employing the medium of video beyond the frame of the screen. I have always been inspired by music, since my formative years, I’ve explored sounds of various sub-cultures. The collective experience of live events stimulates so many emotions and interactions, typically, my work responds to these functions. Cutting my teeth in event photography in order to contribute to the scenes I loved, I vicariously learned some basics of event production. This eventually led to the establishment of my own series of arts and music events; for me, it was important to develop a platform for burgeoning artists and performers. 

Live-video performance is my central creative outlet; I am often collaborating with musicians to create audio-visual shows. Employing projectors, kinetic installations and set-design, my work is a real-time visual reflection of the soundscapes of the musician. Through live projections that bend and shift abstract imagery across the walls of the environment, to the music, the spectators are subject to a more stimulating experience. In some circumstances, it can even be a holistic experience, when space allows, I will bring an arts and crafts table for the audience to fashion their own cut-out silhouettes and designs that can be inserted into a shadow theatre stage.

I am a key contributor to Edited Arts and Sova Audio. 


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